Congratulations to Germantown Hills


I congratulate Germantown Hills for returning our Village to a government of competency, integrity, civility, and respect for employees, residents, and ALL businesses.

 The last 4 years have been very hard to watch, with anger, lies, libel, and slander emanating from the Village government.  Even a last minute businessman’s campaign flyer written in support of the current Mayor and his Trustees, didn’t tell the truth in the flyer.  What actually happened is documented in official Village records, and described at

 In 2011, the Chamber of Commerce endorsed the candidates that just lost the election.  In 2013, the Chamber of Commerce did not endorse any candidates, as some of the business owners had realized by then that the Mayor and his incumbents were not helping them.

 The new Mayor and Trustees, along with John Ford, an incumbent Trustee who has steadfastly worked for the Village these past four years, will work together to bring a much better future to Germantown Hills residents, businesses, and Village employees.  I hope that the remaining two Trustees from the current administration will work with them to achieve that future.

 It is a new day.  A dark period is over.  A bright future awaits.  My thanks go out to all the people who worked hard on this campaign, and for the overwhelming support of Germantown Hills’ voters in making this great change happen. 


Terry Quinn


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