Village Notice on Burglaries

The following message was sent out from the Village earlier today, and I’m passing it along here in case you’ve not already seen it:



A Woodford County Deputy was just here.  There are have been many burglaries recently in the area.  SEVEN last night.  They are going into houses while residents are sleeping usually between 2-3 a.m.  They are going through the access garage doors and are stealing wallets, purses and laptops while people sleep.  They are also stealing items out of cars in the garages.  They think they are in a white mini van and there are two subjects.  So far they have not hurt anyone.  They used an ATM card so they might have a picture to go off of soon.  If you see anything out of the ordinary call the Woodford County Sheriff’s office immediately.  Please tell every resident that you can to lock their doors.  Thanks.
Ann Sasso
Zoning Officer/Village Clerk
Village of Germantown Hills

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