Sewer fee increased 17%


At tonight’s Village Board meeting, a proposal was made to increase the sewer rates, such that the average sewer bill would increase by $7.25 per month.  (Individuals’ bills depend on their respective water usage, and a test run of random users showed that the new rates could increase some users’ bills as much as $12 per month).

The proposed high rate increase was described as necessary because of needed fixes and improvements to the sewer system infrastructure.

Trustee John Ford suggested that the increase be phased in over two years, with a $3.50 increase to an average user this year, and a second increase next year if necessary.  This would allow time to see if a grant would be possible to fund some of the infrastructure costs.   John made a motion to that effect, but none of the other Trustees seconded his motion.

Trustee Greg Falada then made a motion to pass the ordinance change that increased the sewer user fee of an average user by $7.25.  The motion passed, with Trustees Greg Falada, Brian Wysocki, Clark Hopkins, and Jim Telford voting for it.  Trustee John Ford voted against it.



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