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In the WT article “Hostile Workplace in GTH is alleged,” Clark Hopkins said that he agreed to reschedule a Personnel Meeting to August 25th.  But then he said he canceled it because there were only two agenda items to discuss.  He went on to say, “I am a big proponent of not having meetings with no action items.  I did not see an action item here.” 

These statements are very misleading. 

  • The Personnel Committee meeting was never rescheduled from the 28th to the 25th.  So we were never given the opportunity to add agenda items. 
  • Our committees aren’t empowered to “take action.”  They can only vote to recommend action to be taken by the full Village Board.  So we cannot put “action items” on committee agendas.
  • Agenda items do not have to state any action to call a vote.  They only have to state the topic that will be discussed. 

All of the Village Board Members are taught these things by the Village Attorney.

Terry Quinn


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