Some Progress on Public Safety


Last Thursday’s Village Board meeting was a demonstration of  the power of the involvement of the public in their government. 

Earlier we had written an article about the problems with police protection in the Village.  (See “Playing Politics with Your Safety.”)  We talked about the apparent lack of interest by Mayor Mitchell, Trustee Slater and Trustee Hopkins in the traffic violations that were occurring in the Village.

On Thursday, Village residents came to the meeting to speak about their concerns of cars that speed along Sommerset and Arbor Vitae in Whispering Oaks.  The speeding and running of stopsigns occurs during the same times that children are walking or riding their bikes from Coventry Farms and Whispering Oaks to the middle school on that street.  One resident said that she had seen a car going at what appeared to be 60 mph in the 25 mph zone. 

These problems had been reported many times before by veteran Trustees as well as an ex-Mayor of the Village.  But the response from the Mayor and the current Police Committee Chairman has repeatedly been that there was no problem at all.  Meeting after meeting, when asked to give a report on the Police, the Chairman would say, “Everything is okay.”

But on Thursday, having heard from the citizens, all the members of the Village Board began to talk about ways that increased enforcement could be used to deal with the problems. 

What a difference it makes when citizens voice their concerns.  Our sincere thanks to those who take the time to come to the Village Board meetings and participate.  Thursday’s meeting showed how effective that can be.

      Terry Quinn                                        Mike Gaetz


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