Voting Suggestion


First and foremost, if you have not already read the three messages immediately preceding this one (scroll down or hit the link on right to read them), please do so before you log off, as we think you will find those to be important. 

We hope that everyone who is reading this will vote in the election tomorrow (if you haven’t already pre-voted).  The election is a vote for three seats on the Village Board, and five persons are running for those three seats.

We respect everyone’s decision on who they vote for. 

We also know that some people reading this newsletter have told us they feel strongly that they want Mike Gaetz and John Ford to be re-elected.  If you feel that way also,  there is a best way for you to help make that happen.  To maximize their chances of winning, you should only vote for Mike and John, just two votes, leaving your third vote uncast.  This is because a vote for any of the other three candidates has the potential to be the one vote that allows that candidate to beat Mike or John in a close race.

We know we have support.  But we don’t know how much.  And with all the publicity that has occurred, a high turnout might be expected tomorrow.  

So please, take the time to vote , and if you can, talk to your friends, neighbors, and relatives and remind them also how important tomorrow’s election is.  We need your help. 

Thank you.

Terry Quinn


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