Is This the Change You Wanted?


Recently, the new Mayor of Germantown Hills wrote, “I was elected in 2009 by the people of Germantown Hills.  My election told me the people wanted change . . .  That change happened.  Your vote on April 5th will tell us if you like the change, or if you want to go back to the way things were prior to 2009.”

We agree with the Mayor.  There has been change in Germantown Hills since 2009:

  • We now have a Mayor who divides Germantown Hills instead of drawing it together as the previous Mayor did.
  • We have Trustees and a Mayor who are disrespectful and abusive to our employees.
  • We no longer have the Jubilee grocery store or Di’s restaurant.
  • We have a New Regime that doesn’t take seriously either traffic safety, or liquor sales safety.
  • We have a New Regime that is more focused on keeping happy the handful of businesses who got them elected, than in serving all the residents of Germantown Hills.
  • We have a New Regime that personally attacks the reputations and occupations of the wives and family members of the Veteran Trustees.

Yes, we have had change.  And like the Mayor said, your vote will determine if we continue with that type of change, or go back to governing with respect and integrity, as was done before the election of 2009.

Vote for Mike Gaetz and John Ford.


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