My name is Mike Gaetz and I am seeking re-election for the Village Board and asking for your support.

            I was born and raised in one of the original part of Germantown Hills (Oak Grove Park) where my parents continue to reside today.  I have seen a lot of change and growth in the Village in my 54 years.  My father was the mayor from 1977 to 1979, and my mother served as Village Clerk, where they both served the residents of the Village to ensure the will of the people was met.  I am committed to do the same.  I do not look at the position of Village Trustee as a political position, and I am not going to “agree” with everyone simply to get or maintain their vote.  I attempt to remain objective on all issues and try to determine what is in the best interest of community before discussing the issue with fellow Board members.  I welcome diversity in the Village Board, as the diversity in ideas and suggestions help us make better decisions for the residents.

This election has proven to be difficult to say the least.  During recent weeks, my character has been attacked, my wife and her place of employment have been attacked, and current Village Board members and spouse have gone to my daughters’ place of employment in Germantown and “highly recommended” that they get rid of her.  I WILL NOT go to this level to seek re-election.  I certainly would not attack the character of their wife and children.  That kind of behavior is not conducive to achieving harmony within the Village.

There have been numerous accusations that I am “anti-business”.  For clarity, this simply is NOT true.  I live in this community, my children go to school in this community and I want to see that Germantown Hills is an area where people want to live and that we grow smoothly.  What I do not support is “growth without thought”.  I feel we must support the businesses that are currently in Germantown and help them thrive.  In my nearly 55 years of residing in the area, Germantown Hills has NEVER been without a grocery store until now.  A grocery store is a foundation in a community and the loss of Jubilee drags the whole Village down.  And we just lost Di’s Restaurant, too.  We need to turn this around, and with your support, I will work to make that happen.

I welcome any of you to contact me personally if you would like more insight as to what my goals are for the Village and our community.

I hope you take the time to vote on Tuesday and that I can count on your support!!

Thank you,

Mike Gaetz



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