Putting It All Together


Over the last five weeks, we’ve done our best to contrast the leadership style and stated objectives between Veteran Village Board members, and the New Regime board members elected or appointed since 2009.  In our articles we have provided factual information about a number of issues that are important to the Village residents.  We’ve compared how Veteran Trustees do things differently than the New Trustees and Mayor.  These comparisons are summarized here, along with a link to the full article that supports our conclusions. 

  • We’ve demonstrated that the New Regime did nothing to help prevent the closure of the Jubilee Supermarket.  Instead they helped bring about its demise.  The experienced Veteran Trustees understood Jubilee’s importance to the community and worked to save it.  LINK
  • We’ve shown that in the management of liquor licenses, that the New Regime board members do not follow the processes that are needed to protect the safety of the residents.  LINK
  • We’ve shown that Ken Slater, the Chairman of the Police Committee, has no strategy for our public safety, and sees no need to develop one.  The Mayor and new Trustees seem to be very comfortable with complacency in this regard.  LINK
  • We presented data that refuted a ridiculous conclusion from a New Regime Trustee that Village legal costs had dropped only because the new regime had been elected.  That drop was primarily due to reductions in legal work caused by the recession.  LINK
  • We demonstrated how Responsible Village Government officials in the past balanced many issues while keeping the needs of the Village Residents in the forefront.  The New Regime puts its focus on supporting a few businesses that support them.  LINK
  • We showed how Veteran Trustees, listening to the Village Residents instead of just developers and businesses, led to the rapid growth of both residential and commercial properties, while maintaining the modern, clean, and uncluttered community that we all live in.  We contrast that with the plans of the New Regime.  LINK
  • Finally, we’ve shown that the recent endorsements of  New Regime candidates by the Chamber of Commerce did not represent the majority position of all businesses in Germantown Hills.  LINK

There are other things we would have liked to discuss, but we’ve run out of time.  Things like the drop in morale amongst the Village employees that has occurred since the new Mayor and his hand-picked Personnel Committee Chairman have imposed a command-and-control leadership style, right out of the 1930s.  And how one new Trustee was so verbally abusive to one of the office employees, that it has cost over $5,000 (so far) in legal fees to straighten that out.  And how that event, combined with a job-threatening statement made by the Personnel Chairman, caused a different employee, one of the best we’ve had in years, to resign.

Is this the future you want for Germantown Hills?  We don’t think so, and we doubt you want it either.      

So if you want to live where the Village Board cares about the Residents first, balancing issues to help the Village as a whole, then vote for         Mike Gaetz and John Ford, who will fight to retain integrity in the Germantown Hills government.

     Terry Quinn                                                  Mike Gaetz


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