What Kind of Endorsement Was This?


The Germantown Hills Chamber of Commerce claims that the business community has endorsed the three new candidates for the Village Trustee election.  The way it was written suggested that it was a unanimous decision amongst all of the Chamber members to support these candidates.  But let’s examine what really happened.

Last year in an article published in the Peoria Journal Star, Chamber President Tim Kaufman was interviewed about the newly formed Chamber of Commerce organization.  The membership was described as “about 45.” 

According to today’s Woodford Times front page story (and confirmed with the WT author), the Chamber only allowed 25 members to vote on the recent endorsements.  Of those 25 who were allowed to vote, only 15 actually cast ballots. 

And of the 15 who cast ballots, we’ve seen reports from the Chamber that votes were only cast for the three new Trustee candidates, and none were cast for the veteran candidates Mike Gaetz and John Ford.  The vote totals were described as 33% each for the three new Trustee candidates, whatever that means. 

So at most, it would seem that only 1/3 of the businesses in the Germantown Hills community voted for the endorsed candidates. 

What about the other 2/3rds?!!  What do they think?

We’ve talked to some of the other business owners.  We’ve heard a variety of answers, including:

— That they support other candidates than the three that the Chamber said were endorsed.

— That they didn’t see a good reason to endorse any of the candidates.

— That they were upset with the Chamber of Commerce for doing the endorsement, and thought it would hurt the Chamber in the long run to be making any such endorsements. 

So what do the so-called “endorsements” really mean?  We leave that for you to decide. 

     Terry Quinn                                                  Mike Gaetz


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