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One week from today, on Tuesday April the 5th, the citizens of Germantown Hills have the opportunity to vote for three seats on the Village Board of Trustees. 

Since February 25th, we have published a series of articles on this Internet newsletter to help inform our residents of important issues relating to this election.  When we started, we did not know if anyone would be interested, but we knew that we had to try.

After thousands of accesses to this site since then, and the fact that there is now more dialogue on the election underway in our Village, we know that we we’ve been at least partially successful at our goal.

That said, we realize that not every resident has access to the Internet.  And we also know that as busy as people are in these modern times, even those with Internet access may not have the time to read a newsletter like this. 

This is where you can help.  If you’ve read things on this site that you have found important, whether you agree with our position or not, please be sure to tell others about it before the election.  It will make a difference if you talk to even one friend, neighbor, or relative. 

And if you think that maybe someone you know might have lost the flyer with the initial instructions on how to access this site, remind them how to get there by giving them the information below.

To find this site on the Internet, use the Google search engine with the search phrase:               Germantown Hills:  A Perspective

Or you can go directly to:  https://germantownhillsaperspective.wordpress.com/

If you use Facebook, search for Germantown Hills:  A Perspective and hit the “Like” button, and you’ll be notified of new articles on your Facebook news feed.


Thank you for taking an interest in the future of our community.

       Mike Gaetz                                                             Terry Quinn





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