Responsible Village Government (Part 1): The Right Focus

A list of the responsibilities of a Village Government:

  • Keeping you safe (within the limits of Village authority).
  • Maintaining ease of access to/from, and within the Village. 
  • Maintaining public infrastructures.
  • Providing cost-effective government services.
  • Regulating / enforcing regulations that improve the environment and quality of life.
  • Attracting businesses and helping them prosper in the Village.
  • Providing recreational options.
  • Planning and executing for growth and development.

This list probably isn’t complete.  But it’s length illustrates that a properly operating Village Government has many responsibilities to perform.   So how does a Village Board decide where to put the emphasis?  It is a balancing act, to be sure, but the best decisions will be made if the needs of its residents always drive the decisions.

However, in addition to those residents, there are always other entities that attempt to influence the decisions of the Village Board.  These include businesses that operate in the Village, developers that may want to negotiate an annexation of property for a new subdivision, and other governmental entities that interact with the Village.

Mike and Terry believe that we serve the residents well when we keep our focus on what is best for the residents as a whole.  In many cases, a decision that is positive for a business is also positive for the residents, leading to the proverbial “win-win.”  But sometimes that which is very positive for a business may not be good for the Village as a whole.  And that is when it is the responsibility of the Village Board to make the decision in a manner that is best for the residents. 


In Part 2, we’ll talk about some of the decisions that have been made by Village Boards up through 2009, and the reasons behind those decisions.

       Terry Quinn                                          Mike Gaetz


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