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Our Newsletter continues to grow in its readership.  It has only been online for a little over a week, and the number of accesses are very strong and still climbing.  We sincerely thank everyone reading this for showing interest in what is going on in Germantown Hills. 

We again want to remind you that it is a very good idea to subscribe to the Newsletter, using any of the three methods discussed in the link to the right that says “Importance of Subscribing to Receive Future Articles.”  Subscribing electronically is like having your newspaper delivered to your house, instead of going to the store to buy it.  Many of you have subscribed already, but some have not.  Subscribing is free, and it insures that you will be alerted as soon as every new article is published.  And if you subscribe using one of the two WordPress options, it will send new articles right to your email inbox.

While many people are reading this newsletter, there are probably some who didn’t get a chance to see the yellow announcement flyer when we delivered them to the houses.  Others may have read the first article, but have missed others because they didn’t understand the benefits of subscribing. 

You can make a difference.  If you find our articles worthwhile, consider talking-to, or sending a personal email to your neighbors, friends, and relatives, telling them why you read our site.  And in your email, include the two links below.  The first will take them directly to the very first article of the newsletter.  The second takes them to the link on how to subscribe online.   

Germantown Hills:  A Perspective

Importance of Subscribing to Receive Future Articles


Thank you for your support


Mike Gaetz                                             Terry Quinn


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