Importance of Subscribing to Receive Future Articles


Please Note:  The delivery of the paper flyers to residences when we announced this newsletter was a one-time-only event. 

So if you wish to be notified when future articles are published, we strongly encourage you to subscribe to this Newsletter by using the email subscription box to the right, or going to the Facebook community site “Germantown Hills:  A Perspective” and click the “Like” button.  Both of these options provide you with a notification (either by email or on your Facebook News Feed) when new articles are published here.

If you don’t want to use either of those options, there is a third way of subscribing.  You can open a WordPress account here, and WordPress will show an option to “Subscribe” to this newsletter when you read it.  By doing it this way, you can choose to select a “handle” for your WordPress username, and WordPress will email you when new articles are published.

All of these methods will work, and all of them are free.  Whatever you choose, please seriously consider subscribing by one of these methods.  Otherwise you may miss other important articles that we publish in the future.

Terry and Mike


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