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This newsletter is being sponsored by Terry Quinn and Mike Gaetz, who are Trustees on the Village Board for Germantown Hills. 

 The spring election in 2009 resulted in a new Mayor and two new Trustees on the Germantown Hills Village Board.  Later, following a resignation of a Trustee, the Mayor appointed a third new Trustee.

Since then, there has been a lot of change in the way the Village Government has operated.  Sometimes change is good, but as we’ve seen in other political situations, sometimes change is bad.  And it is our belief that many things that have happened since the 2009 election have not been in the best interest of our community and its citizens. 

It is the nature of politics that people have different opinions on issues, sometimes strong opinions.  Unfortunately, it has also been the nature of politics since the Internet for people to anonymously state their opinions in nasty and vitriolic ways, and often using inaccurate portrayals of what is really happening. 

Our Internet newsletter will not be like that.  We will remain factual and civil.  But we will also “tell it like it is,” so you will likely hear much more about what is happening than what you will read in watered-down stories written by the commercial newspapers.  Most importantly, the authors of our  articles will sign their names to what they write, and hence be accountable for the veracity of their statements. 

In future weeks before the spring election on April 5, we may publish articles on a variety of topics.  We hope that you find that reading these will better prepare you to make informed decisions when you vote.

Access to our newsletter is at this site . . . you are here.  You can add your email address in the box at the upper right that says “Email Subscription,” and after you choose your settings, all future articles will be sent directly to you by email.  If you prefer, you can search for “Germantown Hills: A Perspective” on Facebook, click “Like” on that community site, and you will be notified on your News Feed on Facebook whenever new articles are published here. 

Also, please feel free to forward a link to this site to neighbors, friends, and relatives who may also be interested in reading it. 

       Terry Quinn                                                             Mike Gaetz


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